Using the DatHuis waarderapport to create targeted Facebook advertisement.

Enable in 2 steps the conversion tracking within your valuation-report.

1. Go to the 'Brainbay waardecheck' app in DatHuis and add your FB pixel

If the Facebook pixel is setup in the Brainbay Waardecheck, you can setup a “lookalike” group for targeted advertisement. It is important that before you start, at least one person has to have requested a valuation report which was tracked by Facebook.

2. Setup a “Lookalike Group” and use this to target similar people to those that converted on your website.

First, open the “Settings” tab and click on “Audiences”

Then “Create a Lookalike Audience”

Create a new “Custom Audience”

Click on “Website Traffic”

Then select “View Content”, “Refine by”, “URL/Parameter”

You can also increase the amount of days you look in the past in case you have only a small number of visitors.

Under “URL or parameter” select “content_name” and enter one of the following page names. For instance 'report' will limit this custom audience to people similar to the ones that successfully received the valuation report:

  • property-type Wat voor type woning is het? ( What type of home is it? )

  • why Waarom doe je een waardecheck? ( Why are you requesting this home valuation? )

  • when Wanneer wil je verhuizen? ( When would you like to move? )

  • swiping Is deze woning vergelijkbaar? ( Is this a comparable home? )

  • success Waar wil je het waardecheck rapport ontvangen? ( Where can we send the home valuation report? )

  • report This is the page where the valuation report is shown

To finish the creation of a custom audience enter an audience name and click “Create Audience”

You can now create an Advertisement targeting new people similar to your existing users.

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