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Enable in 2 steps the conversion tracking within your valuation-report.

  1. Send us your Google Analytics tracking id.

  2. Setup a goal measuring the number of users which went through the wizard and see a valuation of their home.

Other information

  1. How often was the contact button clicked, in the email or on the RapportPagina

Step 1 – Send us the tracking-id

Go to your Google Analytics admin panel.

Select “Tracking info” and then “Tracking Code”

Your tracking ID is located within the green field. ( E.g. UA-55224723-1 )

Step 2 – Setup a goal measuring the completion of the wizard.

First, go to the admin panel.

Then, click on the “Goals” button.

Select “New Goal”

Use the “custom“ set-up and click “Continue”

Enter a name which helps you identify this goal, e.g. “Conversion Waarderapport”. Select the type “Destination” and click “Continue”.

The last step is to set the Destination to a “Regular Expression” and enter “RapportPagina” for the tracking of people that saw a valuation (and therefore entered their contact data).

If you are interested in using a different goal site the respective names are

1. AdresPagina

2. ContactgegevensPagina

3. HuistypePagina

4. CardPagina

5. RapportPagina

If you already had tracked conversions within the past 7 days the “verify” button should show your conversion rate within this timespan. If you are just setting this up the conversion rate is likely 0%. Click “Save” and your goal is active.

To see the conversion rate within the selected timespan, open the “Conversions” – “Goals” – “Overview” Tab which displays your goal-conversion-rate marked in the orange box.

Other information - How often was the contact button clicked, in the email or on the RapportPagina

Go to “Behavior” – “Events” – “Overview”. Here you find an overview over the Event Categories.

If you click on “Event Label” you see which event was used how many times.

At the moment we send two events:

1. The “controleer waarde” button on the RapportPagina
eventCategory: RapportPagina
eventAction: controleerWaarde
eventLabel: De aanvrager wil de waarde laten controleren

2. The contact button within the email
eventCategory: Email
eventAction: contactVerzoek
eventLabel: De aanvrager wil dat je contact opneemt

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